Day in Court Tour Guide Orientation

If you are a BASF member, choose a date(s) from the current schedule and email Terry Norbury your choice. He will confirm your participation on that date.

Typical Schedule:

You should meet with Megan Filly at her office #227 around 9:15. She will give you materials and open the designated courtroom.

During the Welcome Session (9:30 - 10:15) you will, depending on how much time is available:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Discuss schedule
  • Discuss physical courtroom layout
    • Review positions of bench/judge, clerk, court reporter, bailiff, jury box/jury, counsel table, and gallery
    • Discuss meanings of "bench", "stand", "bar", etc.
  • Outline of a Civil Trial
  • Civil vs. criminal, burden of proof
  • Review of Trials and Hearings
    • Discuss general nature of cases: personal injury, eviction, asbestos, etc.
    • Discuss Law & Motion, small claims, harassment calendar
  • Discuss nature of court tours (groups of 8-10 students with chaperone)
  • What to look and listen for: basics of dispute, how attorneys present themselves, how judge rules on objections
  • Rules of Conduct
    • Quiet and respectful
    • No eating/gum chewing; do not leave building
    • Role of bailiff in maintaining order
  • Meet with the designated Judge in their courtroom at 11:30 a.m.

During the tours, you should visit the courtrooms with the students, keeping an eye out for issues.

At noon, give a signal to the Judge that it is time for the tour to end.

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