Here's what teachers, parents, and kids have to say about the Day in Court Program:

  • "Your program is so well designed and presented. Some of the kids remarked at school that it was the best trip we've been on this year."

    -- teacher, Live Oak School

  • "Before I wanted to be a lawyer, but this experience made me want to be one even more!"
  • "I learned a whole lot and it was a great experience."
  • "I learned that a real case in a court is nothing like you see on TV."

    -- students, Argonne Elementary School

  • "The tour was very well run, the lawyers were extremely helpful, and the judges were very generous with their time and knowledge. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this first hand look at the judicial system. My students will be better informed citizens because of the experience."

    -- 8th grade teacher, St. Brigid School

  • "I would be happy to visit the Superior Court again with my family. I was amazed with the skills of the judges, lawyers, and how fast court reporters could type. I would like to be judge if I could."
  • "You taught me a lot about the way our court works. It is truly amazing how we have made the court system so fair."

  • -- 6th grade students, St. Anne's School

  • "I wanted to tell you again that the students were on fire with their excitement. They talked about it animatedly the next day."

    -- 7th grade teacher, Holy Name School

  • "It was so exciting to see the courts, and to feel the excitement in the courtrooms."

    -- 7th grade student, St. Thomas More School

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