Ready to Get Started with the Day in Court Program?
Additional Day in Court Program Information:

What Student is the Program designed for?
The program is designed for 5th through 8th graders, both for their level of instruction on the functions of government and their maturity. Younger students cannot be accomodated due to the need to maintain quiet decorum in the courthouse.

Progam Dates and Times
The program is offered on Thursday mornings throughout the school year. Tours typically begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at approximately 12 noon.

Meeting Location
The attorney tour guide will meet the student group at the San Francisco County Courthouse located at 400 McAllister Street (at the corner of Polk Street, across from City Hall) in a room assigned for the tour.

How will students benefit from a Day in Court program?
Students get to observe actual court trials, with real judges and juries. They will experience the legal system in its actual day-to-day operation. Students will also develop greater respect for and understanding of the judiciary branch of government, and receive an introduction to career opportunities available within the court system.

What will students see during their Day in Court tour?
The students and their chaperones will visit three or four courtrooms to observe trials. This will allow students to get exposure to different types of cases and to observe different attorneys and judges in action.

What types of cases will students observe?
Students will observe civil trials. These may include employment discrimination, evictions, medical malpractice, and personal injury cases. Few criminal trials are held at this courthouse.

What is the role of the attorney tour guide?
The attorney tour guide will provide a brief orientation on the courthouse, the California judicial system, and civil trial procedures. After visiting the courtrooms, the students and tour guide will meet with a Judge to discuss what the students saw and heard.

Will transportation be provided?
No, each school is responsible for its own transportation to and from the courthouse.

Will there be chaperones for the students?
We ask each school to provide one parent chaperone for each 8 students who will attend the Day in Court Program.

Will refreshments be served?
No. There is a cafe in the basement of the courthouse where food and drinks can be purchased, but these are not allowed in the courtrooms.

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